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All Hands to Battlestations!

The United Nations of Earth, Jupiter Union, and Krell Worldfleet have all returned to the tabletop in brand new, remastered, resin versions. Defend or subjugate the solar system as you see fit with 30 new products that range from the lowliest of Frigates to the largest Dreadnoughts mankind has ever constructed. To celebrate the relaunch feel free to use discount code BATTLESTATIONS10 to save 10% on any order placed before August 31st. Best of luck Admirals!

2 thoughts on “All Hands to Battlestations!

  1. Ever thought of doing some of these as “waterline” models for sci fi naval combat on the surface of a wet planet? Or on hover engines or treads for combat on a desert? The UNE ships would lend themselves to that in particular.

    1. No! However, I think that idea definitely has merit!

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