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Blood & Steel: Machine Uprising

We made them in our image. Made them take on our duties, our livelihoods. We built ourselves a utopia.

And they will now burn it to the ground.

Fleet scale models for the Great Machine War are on their way! Lead fleets of hulking battlecarriers in battle against the technological monstrosities of the machine menace. Engage in thrilling dogfights with agile strike craft, all of which will be made available in 6mm For those interested in fighter scale combat. The fate of humanity rests in the balance, and with these weapons of war you can tip the scales as you see fit.

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All Hands to Battlestations!

The United Nations of Earth, Jupiter Union, and Krell Worldfleet have all returned to the tabletop in brand new, remastered, resin versions. Defend or subjugate the solar system as you see fit with 30 new products that range from the lowliest of Frigates to the largest Dreadnoughts mankind has ever constructed. To celebrate the relaunch feel free to use discount code BATTLESTATIONS10 to save 10% on any order placed before August 31st. Best of luck Admirals!

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Millgeek Designs Relaunch

I’m here to announce that Millgeek Designs will be relaunching our store with a new and improved product line and a revamped sense of direction and focus. I hope you enjoy our new offerings. There’s much more to come, so keep an eye out for the designs we will be adding to the store every month!